Recent Projects

HOSPITAL FELIX BULNES, SANTIAGO: Computational fire simulations (CFD) to assess smoke movement and evacuation scenarios for the newly built hospital Felix Bulnes in Santiago de Chile.

 June-July 2018 (with Dictuc S.A.)

MALL PLAZA, SANTIAGO: Computational fire simulations (CFD) to assess smoke movements in case of a fire for the Mall Plaza Los Dominicos shopping centre in Santiago de Chile.

 May-June 2015 (with Raindance Science Inc.)

BANCO DE LA NACIÓN, LIMA-PERÚ: Computational fire simulations (CFD) in the underground parking levels of Banco de la Nación's new Headquaters for the design of the smoke management system.

November-December 2013 (with Raindance Science Inc.)

OSCAR FREIRE SQUARE, SAO PAULO-BRASIL: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for the design of a natural ventilation system for the OSCAR FREIRE SQUARE building. 

March 2012-December 2012  (with ChapmanBDSP)

TWO RIVERS, NAIROBI-KENYA: Daylight simulations for a shopping centre in Nairobi. The RADIANCE software suit was used to estimate irradiation leveles in different sectors of the shopping centre.

March-August 2013  (with ChapmanBDSP)

BRITISH AMERICAN, NAIROBI-KENYA: Daylight simulations to determine the solar irradiation on the façade of the new Headquarters of the British American Insurance Company in Nairobi.

March-May 2013 (with ChapmanBDSP)

TORRE MACRO, BUENOS AIRES-ARGENTINA: Computational fluid dynamics fire simulations for the desing of the smoke managemente system in the atrium of the Banco Macro Headquarters.

June-August 2012

CÁRCEL DE SAN MIGUEL, SANTIAGO DE CHILE: Forensic investigation of the fire incident at San Miguel prison in December 2010. Fire CFD simulations were performed in order to establish a time-line of the smoke movement within the prison facilities.

June-October 2011

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